Pre-Surgical Instructions for Children 

Insurance Coverage

Make certain your insurance company benefits show confirmation of coverage

Pre-Operative Tests

Dr. Li will discuss the any required tests with you.  However, the majority of the children do not require any pre-operative blood tests. 

Medication Alert

Do not use any aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Motrin, Aleve or prescription drugs containing these products during the 10 days before the operation.  They interfere with the coagulation of blood.  This includes any non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs.  Prescriptive stimulants such as Adderall should be discontinued for 10 days before the operation.


Have your pharmacy fill any prescriptions in advance so they are readily available for your child after the operation.


The majority of the children are discharged from the hospital within a few hours after adenotonsillectomy.  Please make any necessary arrangements

Empty Stomach Before Surgery

Please do not give your child anything to ear or drink beginning 12:01 AM the day of the scheduled procedure.   This includes water, mild, juice, cereals or candy.  This precaution minimizes adverse effects some may experience such as vomiting from anesthesia.  Clearly, young children can be dehydrated and it is possible that some water or clear liquids (such as apple juice) may be permitted up to 4 hours before the operation.  However, this must be approved by the anesthesiologist before the day of the operation.

Plan for Recovery

Be aware of the average time for recovery from surgery.  The age and the health of the children significantly influence the recovery course.  Younger children usually recover much sooner than older children.   Most of the time, children less than 5 years old are pain free and able to eat soft food within 4 days from the operation.  Teenagers may require 7 – 10 days of recovery.