Post Surgical



Post-Surgical Instructions for Adults


It is normal to experience swelling and pain following surgery. In general, swelling usually peaks 48 to 72 hours after the procedure. In order to hasten recovery, it is important to drink as many fluids as possible to prevent dehydration. It is also essential to take deep breaths to prevent fever, and move your body to improve circulation and prevent blood clots in the legs.


It is normal to experience minor bleeding from operative sites. However, if perfuse bleeding occurs, contact Dr. Li immediately or dial 911.


It is imperative that you contact Dr Li immediately or dial 911 if you have difficulty breathing. If you underwent maxillomandibular advancement surgery and have your teeth held together by rubber bands, please cut them first and then call Dr. Li.


For patients who underwent pharyngoplasty, tonsillectomy, genioglossus or hyoid advancement surgery — please maintain a soft diet for two to three weeks post-operatively.

For patients who underwent maxillomandibular advancement surgery — please maintain a liquid diet for four weeks. Note that it may take several months before you can resume an unrestricted diet.

Schedule an Appointment

Please contact our office to schedule a post-operative appointment within one week after surgery.