Patient Experiences



Patient Experiences with Nasal Surgery


NC (male 27) – San Francisco, California

Date of nasal Surgery – January 26, 2010

Experience: I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea recently and I underwent Septoplasty (plus turbinate reduction surgery) with Dr Li to repair a badly deviated septum.

I had a fantastic experience with Dr. Li and everyone in his office throughout the full process, from initial consultation, right through to recovery.

I had pretty much no pain after the surgery and only had to deal with mild discomfort from the congestion and swelling caused by the operation. I returned to work less than two days after the surgery and I only took the prescribed painkillers for the first two days post surgery. 

Just over one week later, my nose is almost fully recovered and I’ve already noticed a significant improvement in my breathing. I’ve had no bleeding whatsoever since the operation and I was even able to return to the gym and start running 6 days after the surgery!

Overall, I’ve been extremely happy with my decision to undergo surgery with Dr. Li. 


JH (male 59) – San Jose, California

Date of nasal surgery – March 31, 2009

My experience with Dr. Li and his office was extremely positive in every regard.

1. People in office were uniformly professional and helpful. Appointments were accessible and prompt.

2. Business practices were clear, fair, humane, and followed exactly. I was stunned to receive a check for my overpayment quickly and without any prompting on my part. Seamless coordination with insurance company made transactions easy.

3. Dr. Li’s chairside manner was gracious and informative. He was patient and non-condescending. I have never gone into surgery so prepared or so confident in the doctor as I did with Dr. Li. Should I or any member of my family need any surgery within Dr. Li’s area, we will go out of our way to see him.

4. In retrospect, my recovery was fast and the outcome of a simple septum fix was a major improvement of my quality of life.


DR (male 45) – Ben Lomond, California

Date of nasal surgery – January 19, 2010

Experience: Background: Severe allergic rhinitis and severe sleep apnea. 

Diagnosis: Deviated Septum and large Turbinate s restricted nasal breathing

Recovery time: 5-days

Pain level: Mild discomfort for 3-days after the surgery relieved by OTC analgesic

Results: I can breathe through my nose! I tolerate the CPAP machine much better now and am getting uninterrupted 7+ hours of sleep each night.

Experience: From the first meeting through the post surgery care Dr. Li and his staff provided the best medical care I’ve ever received. At the consult he was patient and answered all my questions and thoroughly explained my options. When I decided to have the surgery he promptly answered questions via e-mail and explained the surgery in detail at the pre-op appointment. The day of the surgery he again went of the details and then checked up on me the next morning. At the post op he again took the time to answer all my questions.


RD (Female 41) – Mountain View, California

Date of nasal surgery – June, 2005

I was 41 years old, and I had put off getting braces. I decided I needed to get them for my future dental health. After my initial visit with my orthodontist, she made a few things clear to me. My bite would not line up unless I had jaw surgery. Also, my nasal airway was obstructed, so we would have to clear it before I could have the jaw surgery. This meant that I would undergo two surgeries over the next few years. My orthodontist recommended Dr. Li. I was very nervous about the scope of this endeavor and not sure I would actually go through with it. Dr. Li’s staff were so nice and friendly that I was immediately at ease. After his examination, Dr. Li had a clear plan, and it didn’t sound quite as bad as I had thought it would. I was concerned about things I had heard about wiring the jaw shut. Dr. Li explained that his methods were less invasive. I felt much better about it, but I had always heard that one should get a second opinion.

The other surgeon I saw wanted to do both surgeries at the same time which would have been extremely uncomfortable. He showed me graphic videos and models of noses and jaws and then proceeded to point out all of my other flaws, which he said he would gladly fix for me as well. I realized then why my orthodontist recommended Dr. Li. He is a professional, and he does only what is necessary. We did discuss one area that would require a little cosmetic fixing, but I was completely comfortable and trusting of Dr. Li’s suggestions and ability.

I had my nasal surgery in June 2005. He had to literally flip my right nostril around, but it all went very well. Dr. Li came in very soon after I was in my room to see me. Stanford Hospital was great. I spent one night, and the staff kept me very comfortable. Dr. Li’s instructions for home care were clear, and I healed quickly. I can now breathe easily, and I sleep so much better. My husband sleeps better too because he doesn’t hear me gasping and snoring all night long.

The next surgery was the jaw surgery, which I had in April 2006. We had to move my lower jaw forward so that my bite would line up. I showed up at Stanford early in the morning. They immediately processed me through, the anesthesiologist came right in, and then Dr. Li was there. I don’t even remember being wheeled down the hallway. He was there in my room as soon as I woke up, and he told me everything went great. That was very reassuring. Again, I stayed one night, and the staff was great. I had a few follow up visits, and my healing progressed quickly. My braces came off in July of that year. I have no lingering pain or problems with my jaw, and my dental cleanings are a much better experience.

I am so thankful that I was in Dr. Li’s care. He is truly the best at what he does. I highly recommend him and cannot say enough good things about him. His record and credentials speak for themselves. His friendly demeanor and personal touch make him a wonderful person. Thank you Dr. Li and staff!



KL (male 14) – Mountain View, California

Date of nasal surgery – June 22, 2010

Dear Dr. Li, 

Thank you very much for the surgery. I can breathe and smell and taste so much better, thanks to you! Just the other day, I realized that my food was too salty – I was used to over salting or putting too much sauce on my food because couldn’t taste it! Thanks again.